2016 Advent I: Hosianna! A German Advent Service

November 27, 2016 | 9:30 am

4a624938-3155-408c-abdd-874a6ef10da4The composer Franz Tunder (1614 – November 5, 1667) was a Baroque era organist in one of the Hanseatic League’s most prominent cities, today’s Lubeck, Germany.  Tunder played a formative role in the development of the chorale cantata which J.S. Bach would later champion a generation later. Incidentally, his daughter married his successor in the Marienkirche, Dietrich Buxtehude. During the season of Advent, Tunder would arrange for special concerts involving additional musicians who were sponsored by the city’s business owners. Music was important for the Christmas Markets outside the doors of the church.


The LOTI choir along with a host of guest musicians under the direction of Mischa Santora, artistic director of the Spotlight Concert Series at the MacPhail Center for Music and the guest director of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra will perform Franz Tunder’s choral cantata “Hosanna, Thou Son of David. Please join us and invite your friends and neighbors to hear this unique cantata Advent cantata. It will serve as a wonderful beginning to the Advent season.