Ascension Sunday

May 6, 2018 | 9:30 am
Place : LOTI Sanctuary

This Sunday, you are invited to hear the Lake of the Isles Church Choir and guest instrumentalists perform the Gloria from Mozart’s Twelfth Mass.The problem is that no one today believes that Mozart actually composed this favorite piece.  Mozart’s Twelfth Mass was published by Vincent Novello in 1819 in a collection called “Mozart’s 12 Masses,” hence the name. Mozart himself had died 18 years earlier. Surprisingly, this work alleged to be written by Mozart became Novello’s top liturgical seller. The work was more popular than the contemporary works of Mendelssohn, Beethoven and Haydn. In the English-speaking world, the Twelfth Mass broadly contributed to Mozart’s fame well into the 20th century.
Unfortunately, German music historians were not convinced. They thought the work was too flashy and inconsistent. Köchel rejected the attribution to Mozart completely, in the Anhang (appendix) of the first edition of his catalogue of Mozart’s works, he listed it as K. Anh. 232.
The “Gloria” is a lively works which appropriately celebrates the “glory of God in heaven.” It is a bit “flashy” with trumpets and timpani, but what better way to celebrate Christ’s ascension into heaven. According to the Book of the Apostles, on the 40th day of Easter known, Jesus ascended into heaven.The church celebrates this day either on Ascension Day, which is always a Thursday, or on the closest Sunday.
The choir will also perform Mozart’s authentic “Ave verum corpus”and a piece with the Sunday School performed with the Sunday School call “Climb to the Top of the Highest Mountain”by Carolyn Jennings.
As in year’s past, the service will conclude outside with the release of dove shaped balloons.