March Children’s Ministry

Sunday School Service Day

Our annual Sunday School Service Day will be on Sunday, March 3. Thank you for supporting our kids doing important work with your financial support. We raised $280 from our Valentines-themed fundraiser!!
The kids will be assembling snack pack kits and individual laundry soap containers for families receiving services from The Tubman Center. They will also be supporting the ELCA global ministries to help fight hunger and change lives for families around the world by giving the gift of animals (ie: chicks, hens, goats, honeybees etc).


will be celebrated after worship in Fellowship Hall on March 3. Kids are welcome to bring their own costumes or use the ones provided after worship for some fun festivities. Bring your strong arms to try and break open the “kitty.” Candy is sure to follow!


Tom Klein Visit  

We look forward to our annual visit from Tom Klein on March 17. Tom will give a demonstration of his uilleann bagpipe to the children during Sunday School!

Summer Camp Sunday

It is time to start thinking about summer camp! Joel Legred, Executive Director of Luther Park in Danbury, WI will be coming to LOTI on March 24 to share the fun summer plans for our youth Grades 1-12.