Swedish National Day Smörgåsbord

June 6, 2018 | 6:00 pm
Place : Patio Fellowship Hall
Cost : Adults $ 27.00, Children ages 5–12 years $ 12.50, under 5 free of charge
Phone : 612-377-5095

We begin with Social Hour…
Martin Bertilsson will entertain us with
Swedish summer songs anda little history about our national day

Appetizers and a Cocktail on the Patio

Shrimp and Smoked Salmon Canapé

Herring salad on Rye Bread topped with Chives and Red Onion

Blue Cheese Cream on Crackers

Smörgåsbord served in the Fellowship Hall

A variety of Breads and Hard Tack & Butter

Lime and Garlic Herring

Herb and Lemon flavored Herring

Aquavit Herring

“Matjes Gubbröra” – A Creamy Matjes Herring Salad

Boiled Fingerling Potatoes

Three kinds of Swedish Cheeses

Eggs topped with Mayonnaise and Greenland Shrimp

Vodka and Dill Marinated Salmon served with Sweet Dill Mustard Sauce

Salad “Niçoise” with Grilled Salmon

Smoked Ham

Potato Salad with Sweet Peas, Red Onion and Dill Dressing

Pickled Cucumbers

Fresh Fruit Platter

Brie and Blue Cheese & Olives and Crackers

Jansson’s Temptation (a creamy potato dish)

Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberries

Prinskorv (Swedish Wieners) and Mustard

Swedish Summer Pastry – a slice of Swiss roll filled with Rhubarb compote topped with Whipped Cream and Strawberries


The monthly smorgasbord not only offers an opportunity for LOTI friends and neighbors to gather for fellowship and enjoy genuine Scandinavian hospitality, but the meals also support the benevolence work of our congregation. Proceeds are directed towards those less fortunate in our immediate community. Through the proceeds of the monthly smorgasbord, LOTI supports Joyce Community Food Shelf, Our Saviour’s Housing and Community Emergency Services.