The Sunday School program year is held from Rally Sunday through the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend. Sunday School is offered to children who are age 3 by Sept. 1 through those entering 6th grade.  SundaySchoolKeyDates

Sunday School Experiences

PreK-Grade 4

The typical classroom time includes an opening activity, prayer, Bible story, followed by a craft, game or activity to reinforce the story. PreK-K kids and Grade 1-4 kids will have a separate small group classroom and music time to allow for age appropriate experiences.

5th and 6th Grade

This age digs deeper into Bible stories to see how they connect into larger themes that span the whole Bible. They will also gain a greater understanding of the church year and worship liturgy. This class remains in worship at least once/month, with an opportunity to be readers or acolytes .  They are offered an “in worship” lesson plan on this day to reflect on key learnings.


We ask that all families register their children for Sunday School.  Please register online here: LOTISundaySchoolRegistration 

If you have any questions regarding our Sunday School program, please don’t hesitate to contact Diane LaMere or Pastor Haug.