We believe that your wedding music should be both worshipful and meaningful to you, and we can accommodate a variety of musical styles. If you wish for another accompanist to play, we welcome them, and will work with you to incorporate them meaningfully in the service. We can  also help arrange for additional musicians for additional fees.

Scripture readings provide a foundation for worship. They serve to reflect God’s unbreakable covenant with us as a model for marriage. The Pastor will happily discuss them with you. We provide the following list of suggested readings for your convenience. Members of the wedding party, relatives or friends may read. Alternatively, you may ask the Pastor to read them. We recommend that you choose up to three different readings for your marriage service, drawing from both the Old and New Testaments.

Some couples choose to write their own vows. It can be especially meaningful if the promises you make to each other emerge from your experiences with each other and out of your commitments to each other. If you would like to write your own vows, contact the Pastor for guidance. The Pastor will review prewritten vows with you if you choose them, instead.

The most traditional symbol of the wedding day is Holy Communion. We practice open communion at Lake of the Isles. All wedding guests are welcome to receive the elements of bread and wine.

Many couples include a unity candle in their ceremony. This element involves three candles. Two are lit before the service. During the service each partner takes one of the burning candles, and together they light the third candle as a symbol of their new unity.

Couples provide the candles which fit a marble base provided by the church. The unity candle is a 3” wide and 10” tall pillar. The others are 8” tapers. All three are either white or ivory in color. Purchase the candles at a church supply store, bridal shop, or other candle retailer.