Another LOTI Women’s Bible Study season is just around the corner. We hope you’re ready for more great conversations, sharing, and learning about how we can take scripture and apply it to today’s world and our own lives.

Our focus will be the Children of the Day – 1 & 2 Thessalonians by Beth Moore, ISBN-:978-1-4300-2860-4.

It is available through Amazon or your other favorite bookstore. In the past Linda has ordered books for those who notify her of the need. Please do this asap if you plan on having her order it for you. Our first Bible Study will meet on Thursday, September 30 at 7:00pm in the Church Library at LOTI. The schedule will be published on the Groups page under Lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing everyone again.

Please feel free to invite others who may be thinking about attending or may not know about it.

All are welcome!

Although the three new bronze bells forged at the Paccard Bell Foundry in Annecy, France were ready for timely delivery in late July, the international shipping routes were so disrupted by the pandemic, as much as all other aspects of life, that they were skipped over in priority.

Earlier this month, Pastor Haug saw the shipping receipts noting the bells’ placement aboard a ship from Antwerp. They will arrive two weeks later in the Port of Charleston, South Carolina. Finally, they will arrive in Minneapolis for display in church on Sunday, September 26th.

So, together with the inauguration of the harpsichord, we celebrate the blessing of the bells. The following day, the workmen will begin the process of constructing a new frame for the installation of all four bells. The complete set of bells will be heard for the first time on Sunday, October 3rd at 11:00 during the outdoor blessing of the animals at our annual St. Francis Day service on the church lawn. We will unveil them as a part of the outdoor event. Please extend an invitation to family and friends to enjoy these two Sundays.

The French Family of Bell Makers

We are seeking 16 to 20 LOTI members or friends to join one or more of our Sunday Volunteer lists for September through December 2021

Our hope is to have large enough lists to schedule volunteers for 
one Sunday. At this point we have received responses to fulfill approximately half of our need.

Tasks are as follows:

  • Ushers greet worshipers, provide bulletins and give direction as needed, as well as collect offerings and guide participants to Communion.
  • Readers participate in leading worship by reading the Scripture Lesson from the Lectern.
  • Coffee Hour Hosts prepare coffee and tea, as well as serve, using designated carafes. Instructions are posted for new volunteers. Please note that the church will provide small-bite snacks, so volunteers need only brew coffee and tea, serve on the Patio or in the Fellowship Hall, and clean used kitchen items.

Sign up here. Thank you!

Children’s & Family Ministry September 2021: Sunday School

Sunday School for children ages 3 (by Sept 1) through 6th grade begins on September 12.  We are excited to offer in person Sunday School this fall.  We ask that all children and adults/volunteers helping with Sunday School wear masks during our time together.
Children will begin in worship with their family and go to Sunday School after the Children’s Sermon and return to worship at the start of Communion.
If you haven’t done so already, please register for Sunday School using our online form.  You will indicate on the form if you are registering for in person or remote Sunday School.  Families who sign up for remote Sunday School will have materials emailed to them to do at home.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane LaMere.
Blessing of the Backpacks on September 12

Children’s & Family Ministry September 2021

All children and youth will be invited to come forward during worship on September 12 for a special blessing of the backpacks. 

Children’s & Family Ministry September 2021: Bible Presentations

Incoming 3 year olds, 3rd graders plus children new to LOTI will receive a Spark Story or NRSV Bible. The Bibles are a gift from the congregation to celebrate our commitment to families honoring their baptismal promise.  If you have a child receiving a Bible this year, you will receive an email with specific instructions for this day from Diane LaMere. Presentations will happen during worship on September 19.

Fall Confirmation education for 7th, 8th, & 9th graders preparing for the 
Rite of Confirmation on Sunday, October 31st 
began on Wednesday, September 8th. 

Pastor Haug leads Confirmation from 4:00-5:00 on the Patio on Wednesdays
New confirmands can register with Pastor Haug.

For many years, Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church has provided a meal on the first Friday each month. 
Due to changes at the shelter, we are providing $230 – $250 (a recent adjustment to the amount) to cover the meal each month.  

Thank you to Carol Kuehn, Vicki Kuehn-Larson, & Rebecca Morell for AUG 6.

David & Mary Goplen donated for SEPT 3.

Mark & Kathy Hering donated for OCT 1.

Mary Sabatke & family donated for NOV 4.

Cherie Moe donated for DEC 3.

Update: The shelter will transition to a different type of facility in the coming month and needs will change once more.

For information, contact Cheri Moe ,  or (952) 431-5226.

We are receiving both gifts of thanksgiving and remembrance for an additional bell. The French company that made our first new bell will forge this one, as well. The inscription will read Now Thank We All Our God for His Faithfulness through the Covid 19 Pandemic, 2020-2021. The bell arrives in early September. We hope to collect $20,000 before then. Then, after its installation in the fall, a commemoration worship service will honor donors.

A Word of Thanks to Sunday School Families 

As we end the Sunday School program year, I want to say a special thank you to our families for your ongoing support of Children’s Ministry here at Lake of the Isles. 
 It has been a year of many changes for your family –  redoing most every aspect of your family life and redoing it another way again and again…. it’s exhausting (!!) Despite that, you were open to trying some new ideas and ways of bringing God’s story and faith into your family life. You explored the week’s story at home by “reading, wondering, praying and doing”, tried out some new recipes, made a few projects at home, watched Faith at Home videos for more ideas, came to the outdoor events here at LOTI and helped with a service project tied to St Francis day.  Many of you participated in the recording of the Christmas program and the new Maundy Thursday service bringing the scripture alive for others to “see” the Word come to life.   Someone needs to say it for you, so I will – “Thanks for being awesome!”  (and your kids thank you too!)
With much gratitude, 
Diane LaMere

Beginning  Sunday, May 2, we will once again, host a limited Coffee Hour after the service on the Patio, weather permitting. At this time, we’ll be serving beverages only. Please contact the church office or phone (612) 377- 5095, if you would like to sign up for a Sunday, to brew and serve coffee and tea. 

To view livestream or past services, go to our YouTube channel, or find the livestream link & worship service bulletin on