It’s That Time of Year!

Order your poinsettias now through December 8.

White Single $10

White Double $16

Red Single $10

Red Double $16

Click here to order online and pay with credit card
Click here to order via email and mail check to church

Due to the Coronavirus, pre-packed bags of groceries are being distributed. Fill a bag or two of groceries and hygiene items, and bring them to CES, or, call to set a delivery time… 
If you have time, we would be glad to give you a tour and introduce you to CES in action! 
Food Items:Please help us improve the quality of nutrition in our neighborhood by donating the following healthy foods.

  • Olive oil and vegetable oil
  • Flour, sugar – 4# bags or smaller
  • Meat soups
  • Chili with meat
  • Canned chicken, tuna or salmon
  • Canned fruit, in light syrup or own juice
  • Rice
  • Assorted canned vegetables
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Coffee in small bags
  • Whole grain cereals
  • Old fashioned oats, instant oatmeal packets
  • Jelly and jam
  • Peanut butter
  • 100% fruit juice


  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Bar soap
  • Shampoo, conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Razors and shaving cream
  • Feminine products
  • Toilet paper, facial tissues
  • Dish soap – small bottles
  • Laundry soap

Pet Needs: 

  • Pet food for dogs or cats
  • Kitty litter

Paper Grocery Bags with Handles
Drop off:1900 11th Ave S, Minneapolis612-870-1125Food is, of course, the main ongoing aspect of CES. Food donations and/or funds to buy food are always welcome. As a result of our food purchase “connections,” any dollar donated to CES to purchase food goes 10-20 times farther than a dollar spent at the store. For example, for the price of one can of corn at your grocery store, CES can purchase 10 cans of corn through the food banks.
For more information and/or monetary donations visit

Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church has provided a meal for forty the first Friday of every month for many years. This has been a wonderful opportunity for families or groups of friends to work together! 

Thanks to Denise Wilkens for providing on September 4th.

OCT 2Peter Van Bergen & Cathy Carlson
NOV 6Monica & Andy Schwarm; Andrea & Casey Christy
DEC 4Cheri Moe & Family

If you would like to support Our Saviour’s Housing during the COVID-19 pandemic, consider the best option possible at this time…convert your meal into a financial donation. The suggested amount is $250.
We have scheduled volunteers until the end of the year. Consider signing up for a month in 2021. To do so, contact Cheri Moe, (952) 431-5226 or Linda Nelson (612) 377-5095.
Thrivent members are eligible to apply for a Thrivent Action Grant to cover the cost of the meal and purchase supplies for Our Saviour’s Housing continuing needs. Donation of the grant by Thrivent members, who are unable to make and/or serve the meal is much appreciated! Grant processing is 4-6 weeks.

Our Saviour’s Housing is in need of additional funding for COVID-related costs, such as hazard and overtime pay, cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, personal protective equipment, and increased facilities usage.

Our Saviour’s Community Services

In many Lutheran churches the Confirmation worship service is known as the Affirmation of Baptism. The name recalls the promises that were made by the parents and godparents at the time of a child’s baptism. They vowed that the Christian faith would be child’s one day, and that they would speak on behalf of the child until that day comes. The Rite of Affirmation is that coming of age for the young adult. It is also a day for a renewal of the faith through the laying on of hands and the giving of the Holy Spirit. On Reformation Sunday, October 25th we will celebrate confirmation with Claire Jacoby. 

These videos are designed to be short and sweet and give you some tools and ideas on how to install new faith practices at home while we are doing Sunday School and worship remotely. There will be a theme for each video and supporting materials, as needed, will be provided (you will let us know on the registration form how you would like to receive materials)

The beginning of the Sunday School program year will begin remotely on September 13. Please complete the online registration form here, so that we can have the most updated information to connect with your family. You will also indicate on this form how and what you would like to receive which will help us best meet your family’s needs during this time.

This is a new offering to connect Sunday School families at LOTI with each other by way of a pen pal program. Program signup will be coming this month with more details.

Join Coffee Hour on Zoom
This recurring meeting is on Sundays at 10:45 am, in conjunction with in-person coffee hour on the Church Patio.
If you would like to take part, contact Michelle McCreery.

We’re finalizing the 2020 Directory. It will be available to download, as an interactive PDF, from an email sent to members. A print version which can be picked up from the church (or sent via USPS) will be provided for those without internet access.  
For questions or photo/info submissions, contact
Michelle McCreery