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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! This is an exciting time for you. Thank you for considering to be married at Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church.  We wish to provide you with our understanding of Christian marriage as you begin your preparation for marriage.

Historical studies show that happily married couples are likely to remain partners for life if they share a faith in God and a spiritual commitment.  That is our focus in marriage preparation at Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church. A spiritual life together of worship and prayer can help make your marriage fulfilling and vital. We hope you will make growing in faith and love for God and each other an important part of your marriage commitment, whether you make your church home at Lake of the Isles or another church.

General Information

We receive many inquiries from members and non-members about the possibility of celebrating their wedding at Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church. We consider marriage to be a part of our congregation’s ministry to help couples begin their life together with both the blessing of God and the genuine care of this community of faith. All are welcome.

The first step in planning a wedding at Lake of the Isles is to contact our Wedding Manager, Sandy Swan or (952) 836-6437. She will confirm church availability and direct you through the next steps.

Self-tours of the sanctuary and are available when the office is open: Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm; Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm; and for Sunday Worship from 8:30-12:00pm. We welcome you to join us! Contact Linda Nelson or Sandy Swan for alternate tour times.


The use of our sanctuary for weddings is available to members and non-members. We invite you to consider making Lake of the Isles your church home if you are not presently a member elsewhere. As stated above, we believe that faith and regular participation in the life of the church are important assets to a healthy and lasting marriage. We invite you to worship with us on Sunday mornings and join us in the Fellowship Hall after the service. If you are interested in church membership at Lake of the Isles, please contact the church office for information about new member classes.

Scheduling Your Wedding

We recommend scheduling your wedding at least six months, preferably one year in advance, due of the number of weddings performed at Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church. 

The church is unavailable for wedding ceremonies at certain times. These include Holy Week, the week before Easter; Christmas, December 23-25; Confirmation Weekend; and Christmas Program dates. Please see the Wedding Calendar or contact Sandy Swan

LOTI Wedding Calendar

The Pastor

Our Pastor conducts the wedding. We believe in the ecumenical support of other faith traditions and our Pastor will invite guest pastors, clergy friends and others who are close to you to participate, at your request.

Your wedding preparation at Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church includes premarital counseling. Our Pastor will guide you through a PREPARE-ENRICH assessment, which requires a separate $35 fee. We encourage couples to begin this process at least three months prior to the wedding, as the assessment requires approximately three meetings. We believe that as you approach your wedding date and your focus is increasingly on wedding details, you will discover that the premarital counseling process is a meaningful way of preparing you for life after your wedding day.

The Pastor will also help you plan your ceremony as well as give guidance on your service.  If you have any questions about what to include in your ceremony or when to start the process, feel free to contact Sandy Swan, or Pastor Arden Haug.

The Organist

Our organist, Dr. Kris Rizzotto is the preferred organ and piano accompanist for weddings at Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church. They will meet personally with each couple to discuss the musical and stylistic details of the wedding service, as well as provide musical recommendations.

Couples meet with the organist within 4-6 weeks of the wedding date to: 
  • Preview of the order of service
  • Discuss your preferred music
  • Sample live performance of the chosen music, depending on sanctuary availability

The Wedding Manager

Our wedding manager is responsible for  helping with your arrangements as they relate to the use of space and communication with the pastor and organist.  She also assigns your wedding coordinator. 

The wedding coordinator will help oversee the rehearsal. She will also help oversee the ceremony/order of service, queue musicians, assist the wedding party, and queue the wedding party.

Couples arrange the details such as bulletins, flowers, candles, with the wedding manager, including your schedule for four hours of church use on the wedding day. Your wedding coordinator assists you during that time..

  • The wedding party arrives three hours prior to the service for photos taken before the ceremony,  
  • The wedding party arrives two hours prior to the service for photos scheduled for after the ceremony.
  • Additional time is $50.00 per hour, or portion thereof, payable with your final payment or to the wedding coordinator at the rehearsal.

Wedding Rehearsal

Weddings typically require a rehearsal to acquaint those involved with the order of service and to facilitate full participation. 

Couples schedule the wedding rehearsal with the church for the evening prior to the wedding for about 30 minutes.

Consider that heavy traffic and on-street parking can be factors in timely arrival.

Those who attend the rehearsal:
  • Bridal party
  • Ushers
  • Parents 
  • Individuals who will participate 
  • Pastor Arden Haug
  • Guest pastors are welcome, but are not required.
  • Wedding coordinator 
Bring to the rehearsal:
  • A marriage license, which is required for you to be legally married. It must be obtained at least five days but not more than six months prior to the date of the wedding in Minnesota. To eliminate the risk of misplacement on your wedding day, please bring the entire license package to the rehearsal, including the return envelope. The license will be completed before the marriage ceremony begins.Three (3) copies of your bulletin.
  • Three (3) copies of your bulletin.
  • Vows you have chosen for your ceremony. 
  • The unity candle and tapers.

Photography & Videography

Please provide a copy of these instructions to your photographer prior to the wedding day
  • Videos are acceptable if the cameras and operators are unobtrusive.
  • We permit flash photography during the processional and recessional, but not during the ceremony.
  • Photographers may use the center aisle during the processional and/or recessional, but not during the ceremony.
  • Photographers may stand in an empty pew behind all guests, if one is available.
  • Photographers must avoid the organ and altar area
  • We allow a tripod in the balcony. 
  • Fire Codes do not allow tripods in the center aisle or side aisles.
  • Please keep movement to a minimum to avoid inadvertent noise.
  • The church opens three hours prior for services with photos scheduled prior to the service. 
  • Photographers must clear equipment from the sanctuary at least 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.
  • The church opens two hours prior for services with photos scheduled afterward
  • Please finalize your photo schedule with the Wedding Manager
  • Additional time is $50 per hour, or portion there-of, for any interior photography that extends past 4-hour period on the wedding day. This includes packing equipment and vacating the building. 
  • We close the church building after you exit, but you may continue to use exterior church grounds.

Wedding Fee

January 2021

The Wedding Service Fee at Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church is $1,750. 

Additional rehearsals are $50 per hour, or any portion thereof, payable directly to the wedding coordinator at the rehearsal.

A 50% non-refundable deposit of $875 is required to hold your date and time on the church calendar.

Please submit your contract to using the form provided by the Wedding Manager or Office Manager. 

Reciept of your deposit reserves your date and time. You may pay online or with check. You are free to choose any available date, If you need to reschedule. 

The balance of the fee, $875, is due two weeks prior to your wedding.

Our service fee contract reserves your date and provides:
  • PREPARE-ENRICH, (direct PE $35 fee) Premarital Preparation,
    facilitated by Pastor Arden Haug
  • One-hour Music Consultation  OR Rehearsal w/Outside Soloist
  • Five Hours Church Use for Rehearsal & Ceremony
  • Pastor Arden Haug Officiating
  • Wedding Manager Planning
  • Wedding Coordinator to Guide Rehearsal & Service
  • Music Director Dr. Kris Rizzotto as Organist/Pianist for Service
  • Janitor Services (cleaning) Before & After the Service
  • Sanctuary Use for Rehearsal & Service
  • Dressing Room 
  • Candelabras with Stands
  • Unity Candle Base

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