February 2, 2020 | 9:30 am
February 2nd has many names. In popular culture, we refer to it as Ground Hog’s Day. In the church, it has been known as Candlemas, the Festival of the Purification of Mary, and as the Presentation of Our Lord. According to St. Luke’s gospel, the infant Jesus was carried by Mary and Joseph to the Temple in Jerusalem on the 40th day since Jesus’ birth, which is February 2nd. It was during this visit that the old prophet Simeon, who had been assured that he was to see the Messiah before his death, saw the  couple and their infant son Jesus walking across the Temple. Having seen the infant Messiah, Simeon took the child into his arms and announced, Now, oh God, I can leave this world in peace- for I have seen my salvation. He then continued his prophecy with the word that Jesus would be the light for all the world.
This year as we celebrate the Presentation of Our Lord, we invite the families and children of those baptized in 2019 to be a part of the worship service. They will be presented a medallion imprinted with their child’s name and their baptismal date to serve as a reminder of their connection to Lake of the Isles and their more important relationship as a child of God.