Millennium Carillon Concert

October 16, 2016 | 1:30 pm
Place : 2020 West Lake of the Isles Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55405
Cost : Free and open to the public

This massive instrument–a traditional carillon, played by a manual-action clavier keyboard-contains 48 bells cast in The Netherlands by the Royal Eijsbouts Bell Foundry. (The bells at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis were also cast by Royal Eijsbouts.) Together the bells of the Mobile Millennium Carillon-including the 2,000-pound, middle F bourdon-weigh 13 tons.

The 1:30 afternoon concert on the street in front of the church will be an opportunity to see up close and at street level what typically takes place high up in a bell tower and seen by very few. If you’ve never seen how a traditional carillon is played, you are in for an education and a treat. Sensations of seeing the carillonneur play, hearing the bells and feeling the vibration of sound blend into a unique and dynamic musical experience.

The instrument will be played by Shannon Norton Richards