Saint Patrick’s Day Worship

March 17, 2024 | 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Place : Sanctuary & YouTube

Many Roman Catholic and Protestant churches celebrate the life of St. Patrick as a missionary to Ireland. At sixteen, Patrick was kidnapped by Irish pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland. He himself admitted that up to this point he cared little for God. He escaped after six years, returned to his family in southwest Britain, and began to prepare for ordained ministry. He later returned to Ireland, this time to serve as bishop and missionary. He made his base in the north of Ireland and from there made many missionary journeys with much success.

We will celebrate the missionary life of St. Patrick in our morning worship service on Sunday, March 19th. Irish music will be performed by Tom Klein, a master uilleann piper. The uilleann pipes are a unique Irish bagpipe. Instead of standing and playing, performers sit and pump a bellow with their elbow.He will perform for the Sunday School as well.