Seventh Sunday After Pentecost

July 7, 2024 | 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Place : Sanctuary

This morning Pastor Haug continues his summer sermon series. Last week we read the story of the Apostle Paul’s stay in the Greek city of Thessalonica with its large Jewish community. Paul taught in the synagogue on three sabbaths. Some members of the Jewish community were persuaded by his arguments and became followers of Jesus, but the larger number of new believers were Gentile god-fearers and noble women. The leaders of the synagogue were jealous of this development and arranged for ruffians to make a disturbance in the city. Civic leaders were concerned about the developments as well and failed Jason, the host of Paul and Silas, for disturbing the peace. The leaders of the church eventually smuggled Paul and Silas
out of the city and led them to Beroea.