Visit from Sancta Lucia

December 10, 2023 | 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Place : Sanctuary
Phone : 6123775095

304 AD during the persecution under Emperor Diocletian. According to tradition, she had decided to devote her life to God and to give her possessions to the poor. In Sweden in the late 1700’s, there were legends of a woman appearing in times of great famine distributing food to the starving. Perhaps because the name “Lucia” means “light,” and since her feast day falls on December 13th, the week that marks the darkest days of the year, these stories were in turn attributed to the goodness and generosity of St. Lucia. Prior to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, December 13th was the longest night in Sweden, so there was a tradition of singing and performing music through the night. This served as the origin of the early morning Lucia procession.

St. Lucia will make her lighted appearance as a part of the Second Sunday in Advent. The worship service will feature Finnish and Swedish folk and religious music presented by the Choir, soloists, cellist Audrey Snyder, and a special visit by the ASI Lillelag. Their program includes a Christmas song written by the Finnish composer Jean Siblius.

Bakers are needed for baking Lucia Buns. Contact the church office to sign up. The recipe will be provided.