Wedding of Cana Service, Sunday February 8th

February 8, 2015 | 9:30 am

In the Syriac Christian Church, the Sunday before the beginning of Lent is marked as Cana Sunday. The gospel that day recalls Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding of Cana where he turned water into wine. It is a day to celebrate the gifts of family and food before the penitential season of fasting begins and to be reminded that God’s abundance will be shared again.

Even though February 8th isn’t the last Sunday before Lent, we are going to focus on the story of Wedding at Cana. During the worship service, special music of Buxtehude and Bach will underscore the theme of love, and for coffee hour we will celebrate with the Scandinavian pre-Lenten rolls and party “Fastelavn.” (Yes, the wooden barrel and children’s costumes are being prepared).